The Just League

is a Talent Lending Bank for 4th Sector Enterprises

A Talent Lending Bank

The Just League is the brainchild of a veteran and retiree of the marketing communication industry. Often coaxed and cajoled to establish her own agency, she laughs off the prospect saying the world does not need another marketing communications agency. She truly believes there are more than enough brilliant people creating desire for stuff.

So instead, she spoke to her closest and like-minded friends to string together an awesome network of economists, educators, engineers, etc. and founded a Talent Lending Bank for 4th Sector enterprises called The Just League (TJL) — a network of high-level multi and trans-disciplinary experts that volunteer Time and Talent to make ‘becoming just’ desirable.


Golden Circle

We take inspiration from Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle which quite simply codifies an organization’s raison d’etre. As he advises, “Start with Why?” because “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”


do we exist?

The Just League’s audacious ambition is to champion human dignity across all sectors of society by actively driving authentic and comprehensive inclusive growth.


will we do that?

The Just League helps expedite the robust growth and sustainability of the 4th sector — the emerging hybrid business sector that aims to deliver on a triple bottomline of People, Planet and Profit.


is our value?

The Just League is a Talent Lending Bank for 4th sector enterprises; these are, but not exclusively, micro, small, medium and even large social enterprises and second or third generation foundations and NGO’s.

TJL deals in the most valuable of currencies — Time and Talent. Our volunteer network of Agents or high-level experts inspire, conspire and drive desire for conscious capitalism.

Simply put, we provide pro-bono support for businesses that are or want to become just enterprises.


What We Do

Where marketing communications agencies create desire to purchase services or things, The Just League creates desire to participate in conscious capitalism.

For the Social Enterprises, 2nd, or 3rd Generation NGOs, we can provide Consultancy in the areas of strategy, sustainability, human resources, business development, community education, capacity building, finance management, sales and marketing, integrated communications and human-centered design for now.

As our Agent and Client network expands so will the scope of our engagements.

We’ll sit down with you, help you answer the difficult questions about your future, and figure out how you can get there too.

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We help you move from being a passive consumer, to someone who is actively using your Time and Talent to support enterprises or organizations that consciously operate with a just future for society and the environment in mind.

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